A'19 Org Chart

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This is a work in progress and the structure is subject to change.

Con Chair

Con Chair: Daniel Eareckson

  • Liaison to Student Art & Student Writing Contests

Assistant Con Chairs

  • Diana Hsu
  • Sharon Sbarsky
  • Anna Bradley
  • Con Chair Advisors: Nicholas "Phi" Shectman, Rachel Silber
  • Chief of Staff:

Con Chair Direct Reports


GoH Liaison

Application IT

Incident Response Team

Convention Treasurer

Convention Treasurer: Ellie Younger

  • Special Assistant to Convention Treasurer:
  • Cash Office Head:
  • Treasury Staff:
  • Swipe Box Guru:

GOH Liaison

Guest of Honor Liaison: Michelle Wexelblat

Diversity Committee

Diversity Co-Chairs: Diversity Committee

  • Diversity Committee: Anna Bradley, Jaime Garmendia, Aaron Heuckroth, Donna Martinez, Cody Mattes, James Meickle, Mark Oshiro, Mink Rose, Rachel Silber, & Kris "Nchanter" Snyder

Documentation Team

Documentation Chair: Documentation

Application IT

Team Lead:

Incident Response Team (IRT)

Send email to the IRT


Division Head for Media: Gregorian Hawke


Division Head: David D'Antonio


Division Head: Exhibits


Division Heads: Catelynn


Hotel Liaison

Division Head: Buzz Harris

Member Services

Division Head: Member Services


(a.k.a Ops)

Division Head: Noel Rosenberg


Division Head: Tanya Washburn


Division Head: Anna Bradley

Assistant Division Heads: Kelly Fabijanic & Heather Cougar

Staff Services

Division Head: Staff Services

Technical Services

Division Head/Technical Director: Rick Kovalcik

Youth Services

Division Head: Jaelen Hartwin