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This is a work in progress and the structure is subject to change.

Con Chair

Con Chair: Daniel Eareckson

  • Liaison to Student Art & Student Writing Contests: Anna

Assistant Con Chairs

  • Diana Hsu: Hotel, Ops, Youth Services, Staff Services, Registration, Marketing/outreach, Debrief, IRT, Diversity
  • Sharon Sbarsky: Member Services, Events, Programming, Tech, Gaming, Scavenger Hunt
  • Anna Bradley: Comms-Media, Comms-Pubs, Food, Exhibits, Application IT, Website Structures, Student Contests
  • Con Chair Advisors: Nicholas "Phi" Shectman, Rachel Silber
  • Chief of Staff:

Con Chair Direct Reports

Application IT

Team Lead: Peter Olszowka

Zambia Support [1]

  • Zambia Sysadmin: Dan Franklin

Convention Master Support [2]

  • Convention Master Sysadmin:
  • Staff:

Con Chair Special Projects

  • Debrief:
  • Scavenger Hunt Czar: Cate Schneiderman
  • Feedback:
  • Artist and Graphic Design:

Convention Treasurer

Convention Treasurer: Ellie Younger

Assistant Convention Treasurer: Kelly Fabijanic

  • Special Assistant to Convention Treasurer:
  • Cash Office Head:
  • Treasury Staff:
  • Swipe Box Guru:

Diversity Committee

Diversity Co-Chairs: Diversity Committee

  • Diversity Committee: Anna Bradley, Jaime Garmendia, Aaron Heuckroth, Donna Martinez, Cody Mattes, James Meickle, Mark Oshiro, Mink Rose, Rachel Silber, & Kris "Nchanter" Snyder

Documentation Team

Documentation Chair: Documentation

  • Documentation Committee: Cody L, Dale M-C

Incident Response Team (IRT)

Send email to the IRT

  • IRT Lead:
    • IRT Managers:
    • Team Members:

Web Structure

Team Lead: Alan Wexelblat


  • Gail T, Leslie P, Catya B, Ben L, Anna B


Division Head: Gregorian Hawke

Assistant Division Head, Publications: [6]

  • Marketing Manager: [7]
    • Ad Sales: [8]
  • Print Publications Coordinator: [9]
    • Souvenir Book Content: [10]
    • Souvenir Book Layout: [11]
    • Restaurant Guide: [12]
    • Pocket Program: [13]
    • Family Friendly Guide: [14]
    • Copy Editors:
  • Digital Publications Coordinator:


Division Head: David D'Antonio

Assistant Division Heads: Samantha Dings, Persis Thorndike

  • Events Liaison Lead: Beth Kevles
    • Events Liaisons:
  • Martial Arts Area Head: Mark Millman
  • Wandering Minstrels: [16]
  • Assistant Minstrel Wrangler:
    • At-Con Minstrel Wrangler:
  • Weapons Demonstrations Liaison: [17]
    • Assistant Weapons Demonstrations Liaison:
  • Yoga Class Manager:


Masquerade Director: James Hinsey

Assistant Masquerade Director:

  • Staff:
  • Masquerade Table:
  • MC:
    • MC Assist/Liaison:
  • Stage Manager:
  • Judges:
    • Presentation Judges:
    • Workmanship Judges:
    • Judges' Clerks:
  • Green Room Manager:
    • Green Room Staff:
    • Den Moms:
    • Repair Table Manager:
  • Project Cosplay:
  • Head Ninja:
    • Backstage Pirate:
  • Official Photographer:
    • Assistant Photographers:
  • Masquerade Photographer:
  • Videographer:
  • Hall Costume Awards:
  • Masquerade House Manager:
    • Ushers:
  • Masquerade Halftime Entertainment:
  • Masquerade Computer Guru:
  • CART Services:


Division Head: Benjamin Levy

Assistant Division Head:

Art Show

  • Art Show: Megan Lewis and Nicholas "phi" Shectman
    • Assistant Art Show Director:
    • Artist Relations:
    • Automation:
    • Awards:
    • Bag Check:
    • Catalog:
    • Catalog Ad Sales:
    • Catalog Proofreading:
    • Checkin/Checkout:
    • Checkin/Checkout Chief:
    • GoH Liaison:
    • Layout:
    • Mail-In/Mail-Out:
    • Mail-In Logistics:
    • Paperwork:
    • Recruitment:
    • Registration:
    • Sales:
    • Sales Chief:
    • Setup/Teardown:
    • Setup Chief:
    • Lighting Chiefs:
    • Signage:
    • Student Art Contest Liaison:
    • Tour Director:
    • Tactile Tour:
    • Training:
    • Volunteer Coordinator:
    • General Art Show Staff & Runtime Crew:

Creators' Corner

Creators' Corner Liaison: Liana Hertel (Formerly Artist/Author Alley)


Fan Tables

Galleria Management

Projected Media


Division Heads: Catelynn Cunningham

ADH: Liz Crefin

Advisor: Tamar Amidon

  • Con Suite Co-Area Heads: [20]
    • Con Suite Staff:
    • Con Suite Food Prep:
    • Pot Washer:
  • Dead Dog: [21]
    • Dead Dog Assistant:
    • Dead Dog Staff:
  • Green Room: [22]
    • Green Room Assistant: [23]
    • Green Room Staff:
  • Quartermaster: [24]
    • Assistant Quartermaster:
    • Quartermaster Staff:
    • Food Accountants:
  • Staff Den Head: [25]
    • Assistant Staff Den Head:
    • Food Logistics:
    • Staff Den Shift Lead:
    • Staff Den Staff:
  • Technical Expertise:


GOH Liaison

Guest of Honor Liaison: Michelle Wexelblat

Assistant Guest of Honor Liaison: [29]

  • Liaison to Writer Guests of Honor:
  • Liaisons to Fan Guests of Honor: Karen Purcell
  • Pre-Con Staff:
  • At-Con Staff:

Hotel Liaison

Division Head: Buzz Harris

Assistant Division Head: Andy Rosequist

  • At-Con Liaisons: [30]
  • BEO Writer: [31]
  • Innkeeper Area Head: Kelly Fabijanic
    • Pre-con Innkeepers:
    • At-con Innkeeper Staff Manager:
    • At-Con Innkeepers: [32]
  • Party Czar: [33]

Member Services

Division Head: Rashawn Seams

Assistant Division Head:


(a.k.a Ops)

Division Head: Noel Rosenberg

  • Assistant Division Head Jodie Lawhorne
    • (IT, Logistics, Ops Desk, Sign Shop,First Aid, The Watch )
  • IT Support: [48]
    • It Support Area Head: Shirley Marquez
    • IT Support Assistant Area Head:
    • IT Staff:
  • Logistics: [49]
    • Logistics Area Head: Lisa Hertel
    • Logistics Assistant Area Head:
    • Dock Master:
    • Logistics Staff: Julia Austein, Mark Hertel, Elliott Mitchell, Sandy Sutherland
  • Ops Desk: Allan Converse
    • Ops Desk Assistant: Zephyr Converse
    • Ops Desk Assistant Area Head: Todd Cooper
    • Ops Desk Chief of Staff: Craig McDonough
    • Ops Desk Staff: Bailey Pickard, Raven
    • Radio Wrangler:
  • Sign Shop: Christopher Hatton
    • Sign Shop Assistant Area Head:Jack Luckner
    • Sign Shop Staff: Catelyn Johnson
    • Sign Printing:
    • Sign Kiosk Setup:
  • The Watch Area Head (formerly Security): Jonathan Mendoza
    • Watch Assistant Area Head: OPEN
    • Chief of staff: Jozef Mogilevski
    • Watch Auditor: Zelda Katzenelson
    • Watch Adviser: Rashawn Seams
    • Manager of First Aid:Susan Thompson
    • Manager of Special Operatons: Christopher Flynn
    • Manager of Dispatch: Alexis Moore
    • Manager of Line Control: Line Management: Sarah Gullion
    • Shift Supervisors: Edward McGonagle,Jonathan Breindel,Jason Tan,Chelsea Alvarez,Jay Crandall,
    • Dispatchers:
    • Watch Staff:
    • Line Staff::
    • First Aid Staff:


Division Head: Tanya Washburn
Assistant Division Heads: Adam Lipkin, Mink Rose, Kris "Nchanter" Snyder

  • Programming Staff (Pre-Con): Jackie Kamlot, Danny Miller, Ilene Tatroe
    • Panelist Outreach:
  • Diversity Coordinator:Mink Rose [50]
  • Track Managers:
    • Anime:
    • Art & Maker: Kevin Osborne
    • Comics:
    • Communities:Gette Levy
    • Costuming: Milo Martinez
    • Fan Interest: Jesi Lipp
    • Gaming: Justin du Coeur
      • Assistant: Ed McGonagle
    • Literature: Sarah Lynn Weintraub
      • Assistant:
    • Media: Dan Toland
    • Meetups: Wendee Abramo [51]
    • Music: Jeremy Kessler[52]
      • Assistant:Angela Kessler
    • Science: David G Shaw
      • Assistant: Mark Amidon
    • Workshops: Innana Arthen
    • Writing: Morgan Crooks
  • Program Nexus Manager: Shana Fuqua [53]
    • Nexus Staff:


Division Head: Registration Anna Bradley

Assistant Division Heads: Heather Cougar

  • Registration Manager:
  • At-Con Tech Lead: Melia B
  • Comps Boss:
  • At-Con Staff:
  • Civet Liaison:

Staff Services

Division Head: Mike Sprague

Staff Services Assistant Division Head:

Staff Services Advisors: Terry Holt, Diane Martin

  • Volunteers Area Head: Erik Meyer-Curley
  • Duck Hunt Coordinator: [54]
  • Team Arisia Headquarters Staff: Terry Holt, Diane Martin, Mike Sprague
  • Tshirts/Swag Coordinator:
  • Thursday Night Staff Dinner:
  • Ribbons: [55]
  • Space Pilot Program Area Head: Allison Feldhusen
  • Massage Den Area Head: [56]
    • Massage Staff:

Technical Services

Division Head/Technical Director: Rick Kovalcik

Assistant Division Head/Assistant Technical Director:

Meeting Facilitator: Michael Rafferty

Youth Services

Division Head: Jaelen Hartwin

Assistant Division Head: Thom Hansen