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Con Chair

Con Chair: The Eboard is currently acting in loco conchairis and as primary point of contact with the divisions in parenthesis (see also Asst. Con Chair below):

  • Nicholas Shectman (phi) (Exhibits, Hotel, Member Services, Registration, Tech, Treasurer, Website)
  • Rachel Silber (Events, Guest of Honor, Remote Convention)
  • Etana (Access, Communications)
  • Melissa Perriera-Andrews (MPA) (Diversity, IRT, Youth Services)
  • Mike Sprague (Programming, Team Arisia Services)

Assistant Con Chair

Con Chair Special Projects

  • Liaison to Student Art & Student Writing Contests:
  • Meeting Scribe: Lisa Hertel
  • Debrief:
  • Scavenger Hunt Czar:
  • Feedback:
  • Artist and Graphic Design:
  • Program Participant Zoom Training: Alan Wexelblatt

Con Suite/Party Space

  • Con Suite/Party Space Area Head: Allison Feldhusen
    • Con Suite/Party Space Staff: Eugene Heller, Larry Nelson

Convention Treasurer

Convention Treasurer: Kelly Fabijanic is acting as interim bookkeeper

Assistant Convention Treasurer: Cate Schneiderman

Diversity Committee

Diversity Chairs: [1]

  • Diversity Committee: Anna Bradley, Jaime Garmendia, Etana, Aran H., Jade Piltser-Cowan, and Rachel Silber
  • POC Safe Space Room Attendants:

Help Desk

  • Help Desk Area Head: Tom Traina
    • Help Desk Staff:

Incident Response Team (IRT)

Division Heads:Audra White & Rachel Tanenhaus

  • Assistant Division Head: Joey Lusk
  • IRT Staff: Shirley Dulcey, Melissa Kaplan, Jean Rossner, Christianna Vasquez, Alan Wexelblat, Todd (Tex) Whittemore


Division Head: Marc Brunco

Assistant Division Head: Bill Thomasson


Division Head: Etana


Division Head: Jason Schneiderman

Assistant Division Head: Rachel Silber


Masquerade Director: James Hinsey


Division Head: Benjamin Levy

Art Show


Fan Tables

Watch Parties

  • Watch Party Hosts: Trowa Barton, Ed Beecher, Andy Kaufman, Julia Tenney


Division Head: Gail Terman

Assistant Division Head: Daniel Abraham

  • LARP Area Head: Olivia Montoya
  • Tabletop Area Head: Michael Renaud
  • Tournament Area Head: Kevin Lin
  • Video Gaming Area Head: Vic Morgan
    • Video Gaming Staff (Teen Army): Kayleigh Tatroe, LiAm Wexelblat
  • Administrative Assistant to the Division Head: Debbie Terman

GOH Liaison

Guest of Honor Division Head: Jacqui Bryant

Hotel Liaison

Arisia 2021 will be a virtual convention and will not be using hotel space.

Member Services

Division Head: Jenne Foronjy


Division Head: Ilene Tatroe and Tanya Washburn

Assistant Division Heads:

Advisors: Nchanter

  • Programming Staff (Pre-Con): Jenne Foronjy
  • Descriptive Art Tour Docent: Zachary Melisi
  • Track Managers:
    • Art & Maker: Programming Staff
    • Comics: E.J. Barnes, Danny Miller
    • Communities: Melissa Perriera-Andrews (MPA)
    • Cosplay & Costuming: Milo Martinez
    • Fan Interest: Jesi Lipp
    • Gaming: Gail Terman
    • Literature: Mar Hammitt-McDonald
    • Media: Dan Toland
      • Assistant Track Manager: Sid Hackney
    • Meetups: Matthew McComb
    • Music: Jeremy Kessler
      • Assistant: Angela Kessler
    • Science: Mark Amidon
      • Assistant:
    • Writing: Morgan Crooks
  • Zambia Scheduling Software Developer/Database Administrator: Dan Franklin


Division Head: [2]


Division Head: Melia B Vaden
Assistant Div Head: Brooks Harrelson

Remote Conferencing

Division Head: Justin du Coeur

  • General Staff: Deborah Hamill
  • Area Head UX Design: Raven Stern
    • UX Design Staff: Em Tersoff
  • UI/Web Design: Aaradyn
  • Front End Lead: Gail Terman
    • Data Management Specialist: Debbie Terman
  • Software Engineer: Chris Lahey
  • Discord Area Head: Gail Terman
    • Discord Moderation: Hobbit


Division Head: Jodie Lawhorne

  • Assistant Division Head: Karen Tobon
    • Area Head Online Safety: Long Nguyen
      • Assistant Area Head Online Safety: Orlit Groeschler
        • Online Safety Staff: Cameron Calkins, Zach Melisi, Tom Padwa, Jan Dumas

Marlon Teel, Ellie Pagan-Vargas, Kait Murphy, Todd Whittemore

    • Chief of Staff: Orlit Groeschler
    • Shift Manager:(7-3) Katie Lagana
    • Shift Manager:(3-11) Bailey Pickard
    • Shift Manager:(11-7)
    • Safety Artist: Rana Gainer
    • Medical Department Head: [3]

Team Arisia Services

Division Head: Mike Sprague

Technical Services

Interim Division Head/Technical Director: David H. Silber
Assistant Division Head/Assistant Technical Director H Severino

  • Zoom Hosts:
    • Aaradyn
    • Inanna Arthen
    • Mowgli Assor
    • E. J. Barnes
    • Covert Beach
    • Charlie Boatner
    • Aimee Bouchard
    • capybaron
    • Brendon Chetwynd
    • Gay Ellen Dennett
    • Carolyn Frank
    • Lowell Gilbert
    • Joel Gould
    • Yakira Heistand
    • Lisa Hertel
    • Hobbit
    • Ken London
    • Matthew McComb
    • Caroline Meeks
    • Mark Millman
    • Kathi Overton
    • Nicky Penttila
    • Kylie Selkirk
    • Jannie Shea
    • Sandy 'Pink' Sutherland
    • Joan/Tigira
    • Sloweddi
    • Ilene Tatroe
    • Tanya
    • Danny Miller
    • Cate Schneiderman
    • Dan Toland
    • Mar Hammitt-McDonald
    • Ellen Kranzer
    • Jesi Lipp
    • Tom
    • Ken Fink
    • GayEllen Dennett
    • Raven Stern
    • Jason Schneiderman
    • Rachel Silber
    • Melia Vaden
    • Carl Z! Zwanzig
    • Tara Zach

Convention Website

Division Head: Mike Tatroe

  • Web IT: Benjamin Levy, Mike Tatroe

Youth Services

Division Head: Aimee Bouchard

  • Fast Track Staff: Vera Backman, Sara Brosnan, Jill Silvester