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This is a work in progress and the structure is subject to change.

Con Chair

Con Chair: Diana Hsu

  • Liaison to Student Art & Student Writing Contests:
  • Meeting Scribe: Lisa Hertel

Assistant Con Chairs

  • Ellie Younger
    • Safety
    • Team Arisia Services
    • Guest of Honor
    • Food
    • Hotel

    • Programming
    • Gaming
    • Comms
    • Events
    • Pubs
    • Website
  • Con Chair Advisors: Rachel Silber
  • Chief of Staff: Dale Meyer-Curley

Con Chair Direct Reports

Application IT

Team Lead:

Zambia Support [1]

  • Zambia Sysadmin:
  • Zambia DBA: Dan Franklin

Convention Master Support [2]

  • Convention Master Sysadmin:
  • Staff:

Con Chair Special Projects

  • Debrief:
  • CANCELED Scavenger Hunt Czar: Cate Schneiderman
  • Feedback:
  • Artist and Graphic Design:

Convention Treasurer

Convention Treasurer: Kelly Fabijanic

Assistant Convention Treasurer:

  • Treasury Staff:

Diversity Committee

Diversity Chairs: [3]

  • Diversity Committee: Anna Bradley, Jaime Garmendia, Etana, Aran H., Jade, Rachel Silber, & Kris "Nchanter" Snyder
  • POC Safe Space Room Attendants:

Documentation Team

Documentation Chair: Documentation Daniel R. Abraham

  • Documentation Committee: Sol Houser

Incident Response Team (IRT)

Send email to the IRT Management Team

  • IRT Lead: Jonathan Mendoza
  • IRT Deputy: Kris "Nchanter" Snyder
    • IRT Managers: Christopher Flynn, Paul Kominers, Kim Riek
    • IRT General Staff: Vivian Abraham, Bunni, Daniel, Melissa Kaplan, Jesi Lipp, Wil McMain, Michelle, MPA, Oriana Ott, Marlena Smith, Sarah Toups, Heather Urbanski, Dmitri Zagidulin

Convention Website

Team Lead: Sybil Shearin

  • Advisor to Web: Alan Wexelblat
  • Backbone Lead: Justin du Coeur
  • Database Lead: Gail Terman
  • Drupal Designer: Leslie Pocklington
  • Guidebook Lead: Jim Van Zandt
    • Guidebook Staff: Drew Van Zandt
  • Web IT: Mike Tatroe, Ben Levy


Division Head: Etana
Assistant Division Head:
Direct Reports:

  • Progress Reports: Jess Steytler
  • Marketing Manager: [4] Laura Sweet
    • Ad Sales: [5]
    • Social Media: [6] Cassandra Fishman
    • Photography: Joy Mosenfelder
      • Photographer's Assistant: Kat Baker
  • Newsletter Area Head: Marc Ebuña
    • Assistant Area Head: Joy Mosenfelder
    • Newsletter Staff:
  • Press Liaison: Justin Ducoeur
    • Deputy Press Liaison:


Division Head: James Boggie

Events Staff:

  • Events Liaison Lead: Beth Kevles
    • Events Liaisons: Louis, Redbeard, Mike Rasnick, Phoebe Roberts Cate Schneiderman, James Wolf
  • Martial Arts Area Head: Mark Millman
    • Weapons Demonstrations Liaison:
      • Assistant Weapons Demonstrations Liaison:
  • Music and Dance Area Head: [7]
    • Wandering Minstrels: [8]
      • Assistant Minstrel Wrangler:
      • At-Con Minstrel Wrangler:
    • Dance Talent Wrangler: [9]
  • Yoga Area Head:
    • Yoga Class Manager:


Masquerade Director: James Hinsey

Assistant Masquerade Director:

  • Staff: Suli Isaacs, Roberta Moore
  • Masquerade Table: Suli Isaacs, Roberta Moore
  • MC: Antonia Pugliese
    • MC Assist/Liaison:
  • Stage Manager: Mike Rafferty
  • Judges:
    • Presentation Judges: Carol Salemi, Jamila Sisco, Carly Monsen
    • Presentation Judges Clerk: Suli Isaacs
    • Workmanship Judges: Lillian Fehler, Madeleine Schmuch
    • Workmanship Judges' Clerks: Roberta Moore
  • Green Room Manager: DDA
    • Green Room Staff:
    • Den Moms:
    • Repair Table Manager: Arisia Cosplay Repair
  • Project Cosplay:
  • Head Ninja: Ann Catelli
    • Backstage Pirate: Greykell Dutton
  • Official Photographer: Derek Kouyoumijian
    • Assistant Photographers:
  • Masquerade Photographer:
  • Videographer:
  • Hall Costume Awards:
  • Masquerade House Manager:
    • Ushers:
  • Masquerade Halftime Entertainment: Ashley Trix and the WZRDs
  • Masquerade Computer Guru:
  • CART Services:


Division Head: Benjamin Levy

Assistant Division Head:

Art Show

  • Art Show Directors: Megan Lewis and Julia Austein
    • Assistant Art Show Director:
    • Art Show Mail-in Clerks:
    • Automation:
    • Awards:
    • Build Chief: Rex Powell
    • Bag Check: Annie Schapira
    • Checkin/Checkout: Mike S., Fabrisse ter Brugghe
    • Checkin/Checkout Chief:
    • Door Dragon: Richard S.
    • Head Cashier: Andrea Senchy
    • Cashier:
    • Layout:
    • Lighting Chiefs:Ellen Blackburn, Lenny Foner
    • Mail-In/Mail-Out: Eyal Sagi
    • Paperwork:
    • Setup/Teardown: Claire Apricot
    • Setup Chief:
    • Signage:
    • Tally Clerk:
    • Tour Director:
    • Tactile Tour:
    • Training:
    • Volunteer Coordinator:
    • General Art Show Staff & Runtime Crew: Joni Dashoff, Lisa M. Goldstein, Zachary Melisi, Rickland Powell, Harvey R.

Creators' Corner

Creators' Corner Liaison: Liana Hertel (Formerly Artist/Author Alley)


Fan Tables

Galleria Management

Projected Media

  • Anime: [11]
  • Video Coordinator: Mike Kerpan
    • Assistants: Mike Rasnick and Mark Rzeszutek


Division Head: Tom Traina

Assistant Division Head:

  • Con Suite Co-Area Heads: Danielle LaRose, Nicholas Sitar
    • Con Suite Leads: Rebecca Brumberger, Joel Gould, Larry Nelson, Ambar Hammond
    • Con Suite Staff: Dave Hammerle, Charles Mendes, Julia Rampone, Katie Raneri, Mandi Marcotte
  • Dead Dog: [12]
    • Dead Dog Assistant:
    • Dead Dog Staff:Liz Zitzow
  • Green Room/Staff Den Co-Area Heads: [13] Tom Traina & Holly Bianchi
    • Green Room/Staff Den Lead: Paul Traite
    • Green Room/Staff Den Assistant: [14]
    • Green Room/Staff Den: Kara Hurvitz, Swati Joshi, Annie Schapira, Lisa Tsay
  • Quartermaster: Austin Noto-Moniz
    • Assistant Quartermaster:
    • Quartermaster Staff:
    • Food Accountants:
  • Technical Expertise:


GOH Liaison

Guest of Honor Division Head: Michelle Wexelblat
Assistant Guest of Honor Division Head: Jacqui Bee

  • Liasion to Writer Guest of Honor: Jacqui Bee
  • Liaison to Fan Guests of Honor: Michelle Wexelblat
  • Liasion to Artist Guest of Honor: Michelle Wexelblat
  • Ninja Helper: Jess Steytler
  • At-Con Staff: Nick Brown

Hotel Liaison

Division Head: Wendy Verschoor

Assistant Division Head, Con Spaces: Matt Ringel

  • At-Con Liaisons: Joel Herda, Dave Kapell, Amos Meeks, Kimberly Sward, Tikva

Assistant Division Head, Guest Spaces: TBD, email if interested

  • Innkeeper Area Head: Nikki Roman
    • Pre-con Assistant Innkeeper:
    • Pre-con Innkeepers:
    • At-con Innkeeper Staff Manager: [19]
    • At-Con Innkeepers:
  • Party Czar: Jenn Koerber
    • Party Czar Staff:

Member Services

Division Head: Jenne Foronjy

Assistant Division Head:


(a.k.a Ops)

  • NOTE: Operations as a division has been dissolved for Arisia 2020. Its component areas (IT, Logistics, Desk, Sign Shop) will be individually under the purview of other divisions:

- IT, Logistics, Desk: Team Arisia Services - Sign Shop: Communications

Division Head: [22]

  • Assistant Division Head: [23]
    • Chief of Staff: [24]


Division Head: Tanya Washburn
Assistant Division Heads: Ilene Tatroe and Ed McGonagle

Advisors: Nchanter

  • Programming Staff (Pre-Con): Aran H., Ann M. Thomas
  • Track Managers:
    • Art & Maker: Rich Maynard
    • Comics: Donna Martinez
      • Assistant Track Manager: Izzy Peskowitz
    • Communities: Program Staff
    • Cosplay & Costuming: Milo Martinez
    • Fan Interest: Jesi Lipp
    • Gaming: Ed McGonagle
    • Literature: Inanna Arthen
    • Media: Dan Toland
    • Meetups: Matthew McComb
    • Music: Jeremy Kessler
      • Assistant: Angela Kessler
    • Reconciliation: Wendee Abramo
    • Science: David Shaw
      • Assistant: Mark Amidon
    • Workshops: Inanna Arthen
    • Writing: Morgan Crooks
  • Program Nexus Manager: April Kingston
    • Nexus Staff:Tammy Coxen, Sidney Hackney, Melissa Honig, Daniel Miller, Monia, Naomi Sipple, Kayleigh Tatroe, Ann Thomas
    • Nexus Runners:


Division Head: Alex Morgan

  • Timeline Coordinator: [25]

Assistant Division Head: [26]


Division Head: Melia B Vaden

Assistant Division Head: Brooks Harrelson and Heather Cougar

  • Registration Managers:Jennifer Fitzsimmons-Gauger
  • At-Con Tech Lead: Mike T.
  • Comps Boss: See Division Head
  • At-Con Staff: Jesse Cox, Jenne Foronjy, Jude H. Lisa Holsberg, Lenore Jones, David Ludwig, Danielle Reese, Laurel Richman, Mary Stock, Kelly Vaden


Division Head: Bobby Huntley

  • Assistant Division Head: Sarah Kerrigan
  • Inter-Division Liaison Officer: Grace Taverna

The Watch

  • The Watch Area Heads (formerly Security): Jon Breindel, Ed McGonagle
    • Watch Overnight Area Head: Chelsea Alvarez
    • Watch Assistant Area Head:
    • Chief of Staff: Cheryl Haskell-Dragonfly
    • Dispatchers:
    • Line Management [32]
    • Line Staff:
    • Manager of Dispatch:
    • Shift Supervisors:
    • Watch Adviser:
    • Watch Auditor:
    • Watch IRT Liaison: Zelda
    • Watch Staff: Wayne Armstrong, Eddie Asencios, Rachel Corbett, Jay Crandall, Elias Farah, Liz Finni, Loren Golubic-Campbell, Damien Harris, Ari Huy, Henry Roma Lina Pardo, Mariah Jones, Jen Kruh, Rob Rabito, Henry Roma, Matt Ryan, Kyle Salvaggio, RL Schild, Jason Tan, Lousi Telez, Hunter Thompson

First Aid

Team Arisia Services

Division Head: Alan Wexelblat

Team Arisia Services Advisor: Mike Sprague

  • Volunteers Area Head: Erik Meyer-Curley
  • Space Pilot Program Area Head: Allison Feldhusen
  • BARCC Coordinator: Rachel Silber
  • Duck Hunt Coordinator: Sherene Raisbeck
  • Ribbons: Sharon Sbarsky
  • Team Arisia Headquarters Staff: Addie Abrams, Lynette Buswell-Wible, B. Diane Martin, Erik Meyer-Curley, JB Segal, Rachel Silber, Mike Sprague, Mark (Justin) Waks,

Logistics Area Head: Lisa Hertel

  • Logistics Assistant Area Head: Kylie Selkirk
  • Dock Master:
  • Logistics Staff: Donald L. Doughty, Rick Kovalcik, Leon Marr, Rex, Krista Rose, Peter Sloan, Sandy Sutherland, Jweiss, Ariela Zonderman,
  • Logistics Drivers: Mark Hertel, Hobbit, Rich Maynard

IT Support Area Head: Shirley Marquez-Dulcey

    • IT Support Assistant Area Head: Mike Tatroe
    • IT Staff: Rick Kovalcik, Elliott Mitchell

Ops Desk Area Head: Todd Cooper

    • Ops Desk Assistant Area Head:
    • Ops Desk Manager: Cr McDonough
    • Ops Desk Chief of Staff:
    • Ops Desk Staff: Gayle Blake, Michael Rasnick, Mike Tatroe
    • Radio Wrangler:

Technical Services

Division Head/Technical Director: David H. Silber
Assistant Division Head/Assistant Technical Director: [33]
Assistant to the Technical Director: Mieke Citroen




  • General Tech Staff: Gabriello A-A, Covert Beach, D Keith Brezinsky, H. Severino, Kevin K Wiley, Kylie Selkirk, Lowell, Micha Rieser, Michael Bergman, Mike Rafferty, Ruthie, Sandy "Pink" Sutherland, seph, Yoni, biancawren, Genni, Brendo, Caroline Meeks, jweiss, Demetri Sampas

Youth Services

Division Head: Aimee Bouchard

Assistant Division Head: [36]