Rules of the Road

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The purpose of this wiki is to make it easy for Arisia staff to share information.

Creating an account will give you viewing privileges on the wiki. To get editing privileges, email to

For information about creating and editing pages, please see: How-To Wiki

Wiki content is shared with all Arisia staff, and may be edited, altered or removed by other contributors. Please do not rename public pages as there may be links to them from outside the wiki.

Most wiki pages are only viewable by those registered to the website. Some pages are viewable by anyone, and such pages may be marked with [[Category:Public]]. Despite the requirement to register, it is wisest to treat the wiki as a public space, and assume that anyone could be reading.

Each page has a discussion page associated with it. If you have a suggestion of what should be on the page, or a question about content, or if a change seems controversial, it may be more appropriate to bring up the points on the talk page rather than in the body of the working page.