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Any AH or DH can add their new hires to the Org Chart, but please fill out the Onboarding Form.

This is a work in progress and the structure is subject to change.

Con Chair

Acting Con Chairs: Melissa Kaplan

  • Con Chair in memoriam: Jodie Lawhorn
  • Meeting Scribe: Julia Austein
  • Con Chair Advisors: Kat Tanaka Okopnik

Con Chair Direct Reports

Convention Treasurer

Convention Treasurer: [1]

Assistant Convention Treasurer:

  • Treasury Staff:
    • Pre and Post con treasury - Etana and Nicholas "Phi"Schectman
    • Cash Office Manager: Kelly Fabijanic

Diversity Committee

Diversity Chairs: [2]

  • Diversity Committee:

Convention Website

Team Lead: [3]

  • Online Schedule: Mike Tatroe, Alex Morgan
  • Web IT: Benjamin Levy

Vaccine Verification

Team Lead: Priscilla Ballou

  • Team Members: Lenore Jones, Rebecca Brumberger, Wendee Abramo
  • At-com verifier: Mike Rasnick, Vivian Abraham


Division Head: Marc Brunco
Assistant Division Head:

  • Access Staff: Julia Rampone
  • Tactile Tour: Marc Brunco and Julia Rampone


Division Head: Etana
Assistant Division Head: Priscilla Ballou
Direct Reports:

  • Sign Shop Area Head: Cate Schneiderman
    • Sign Shop Staff:
    • Sign Printing:
    • Sign Kiosk Setup:
    • Wayfinding Signage Master: Cate Schneiderman


Division Head: James Boggie

  • Assistant Division Head:

Events Staff:

  • Main Stage Events Area Head: David Silber
  • Martial Arts Area Head: Mark Millman
    • Weapons Demonstrations Liaison:
      • Assistant Weapons Demonstrations Liaison:
  • Music and Dance Area Head: [6]
    • Wandering Minstrels: [7]
      • Assistant Minstrel Wrangler:
      • At-Con Minstrel Wrangler:
    • Dance Talent Wrangler: [8]
  • Yoga Area Head:
    • Yoga Class Manager:
  • Events Liaison Lead:
    • Events Liaisons: Zac Hewitt
      • Gaming Liaison:
  • Planorama Coordinator:


Masquerade Director: James Hinsey

Acting Masquerade Director: Suli

Assistant Masquerade Director:

  • Staff:
  • Masquerade Table: Suli Isaacs
  • MC: Andy Hicks
    • MC Assist/Liaison:
  • Stage Manager:
  • Judges:
    • Presentation Judges: William Kennedy, Mink the Satyr Cosplay, Carol Salemi
    • Presentation Judges Clerk: Suli
    • Workmanship Judges: Lillian Fehler, telekineticManiac
    • Workmanship Judges' Clerks:
  • Green Room Manager:
    • Green Room Staff:
    • Den Moms: at-con Signup
    • Repair Table Manager: Arisia Cosplay Repair
  • Project Cosplay: Fast Track - Jan Dumas, Kate Brick
  • Head Ninja:
    • Backstage Pirate: Greykell
  • Official Photographer: Derek Kouyoumjian
    • Assistant Photographers:
  • Masquerade Photographer:
  • Videographer:
  • Hall Costume Awards: Northern Lights Costumers' Guild
  • Masquerade House Manager:
    • Ushers:
  • Masquerade Halftime Entertainment:
  • Masquerade Computer Guru: James Hinsey
  • CART Services:


Division Head: Benjamin Levy

Assistant Division Head:

Art Show

  • Art Show Director: Julia Austein
    • Assistant Art Show Director: Nick Brown
  • Setup and Move-Out
    • Checkin/Checkout:
    • Checkin/Checkout Chief:
    • Build Chief:
    • Set-Up/Tear-Down: William Mui, Lori Del Genis
    • Layout:
    • Lighting Chiefs:
    • Art Show Mail-in Clerks:
    • Mail-In Setup Chief: Eyal Sagi
    • Mail-In Setup: D Cameron Calkins, Harvey Rubinovitz
    • Signage:
  • Runtime
    • Automation:
    • Awards:
    • Bag Check:
    • Door Dragon: Richard Schmeidler, Reggie Themistocle, Samantha Immele
    • Head Cashier: Andrea Senchy
    • Cashier: Skip Morris, JB Segal
    • Paperwork:
    • Student Art Contest Liaison:
    • Tally Clerk: Reggie Themistocle, Samantha Immele
    • Tour Director: Zach Melisi
    • Tactile Tour:
    • Training:
    • Volunteer Coordinator:
    • General Art Show Staff & Runtime Crew: Sandy 'Pink' Sutherland

Creators' Corner

Creators' Corner Liaison: Ann Muir Thomas (Formerly Artist/Author Alley)


Fan Tables

Galleria Management


Division Head: Brett Sherman

Assistant Division Head:

  • Con Suite Co-Area Heads: [10]
    • Con Suite Leads:
    • Con Suite Staff:
  • Dead Dog: [11]
    • Dead Dog Assistant:
    • Dead Dog Staff:
  • Green Room/Staff Den Co-Area Heads: [12]
    • Green Room/Staff Den Lead:
    • Green Room/Staff Den Assistant: [13]
    • Green Room/Staff Den:
  • Quartermaster: [14]
    • Assistant Quartermaster:
    • Quartermaster Staff:
    • Food Accountants:
  • Technical Expertise:
  • Staff: Danielle Gauthier


  • Gaming Team: Michael Renaud, Patricia Adams, Daniel R. Abraham, l33t, Anne Ratchat
  • Division Head: Daniel R. Abraham
  • Assistant Division Head: [15]
    • Tabletop Gaming Area Head: Daniel R. Abraham
    • LARPs Area Head: Anne Ratchat
    • Video Games Area Head: Leet or [16]
    • Tabletop Game Room Keepers: Eva E. Alpert, Nick Bessette, and volunteers
    • Tabletop Game Room Hosts: these are volunteer roles

GOH Liaison

Guest of Honor Division Head: Melissa Kaplan

  • Liasion to Writer Guest of Honor: Opeyemi Parham
  • Liaison to Fan Guests of Honor: Lauren Roy
  • Liasion to Artist Guest of Honor: Samantha Immele
  • At-Con Staff: Lauren Roy, Nick Brown, Samantha Immele, Opeyemi Parham, Melia Vaden

Hotel Liaison

Division Head: Nicholas Shectman Assistant Division Head, Con Spaces: Wendy Verschoor

  • At-Con Liaisons: J
  • BEO Lead: [17]

Assistant Division Head, Guest Spaces: TBD, email if interested

  • Innkeeper Area Head: Ellie Younger
    • Pre-con Assistant Innkeeper:
    • Pre-con Innkeepers:
    • At-con Innkeeper Staff Manager: [18]
    • At-Con Innkeepers: Ellie Pagan-Vargas
  • Party Czar: [19]
    • Party Czar Staff:
  • Space Pilot Program Area Head: Allison Feldhusen

Member Services

Division Head: [20]

Assistant Division Head:
Manager of Member Services Areas: Cate Schneiderman

Operations Team

    • Ops Desk Assistant Area Head: Ops Desk
    • Ops Desk Chief of Staff:
    • Ops Desk Staff:
    • Radio Wrangler:
  • Application IT Team Lead:
  • At-con IT Lead: Mike Tatroe
    • Staff: Rick Kovalcik, Elliott Mitchell

Convention Master Support [23]

  • Convention Master Sysadmin:
  • Staff:


Co-Division Heads: Ilene Tatroe & Dan Toland

  • Programming Staff (Pre-Con): Wendee Abramo
  • Area Heads:
    • Art & Maker: Scott Lefton, Kevin Osborn
    • Comics: E.J. Barnes, Danny Miller
    • Communities: Tikva
    • Cosplay & Costuming: Raven Stern
      • Advisor: Milo Martinez
    • Fan Interest: Melissa Honig
    • Gaming: Mark "Justin" Waks
    • Literature: Mar Hammitt-McDonald
    • Media: Sid Hackney, Reuben Baron
    • Meetups: Programming Staff [24]
    • Music: Jeremy Kessler
      • Assistant: Benjamin Newman
    • Relax-a-Track: Tanya Washburn
    • Science: Charity Southworth
      • Advisor: Mark Amidon
    • Workshops: Megan Lewis
    • Writing: Morgan Crooks
  • Program Nexus Manager: [25]
    • Nexus Staff: Ann Thomas, Jenne Foronjy, Jennifer Tretheway, Naomi Sipple, Nate LaRose, Wendee Abramo
  • Planorama:
    • Area Head: Gail Terman
    • Data Knurd: Dennis Duquette
    • Staff: Dan Franklin, Mike Tatroe, Debbie Terman


Division Head: Alex Morgan


Division Head: Melia Vaden

Assistant Division Head: Brooks Harrelson

  • Registration Managers: Kelly F., Lenore (pre-con),
  • At-Con Tech Lead: K. Vaden
  • Comps Boss: See Division Head
  • Pre-Con Staff: Melia, Brooks, K. Vaden., Etana, Jasra, Lenore
  • At-Con Staff: Melia, Brooks, K. Vaden, Kelly F., Peter B., Vivian A., Lenore, Etana, Wendy V., Priscilla, Rob C., Henry L., Jasra


Division Head: Adam Burdick

  • Assistant Division Head: Tim Yee
  • Inter-Division Liaison Officer: Daniel Eareckson

The Safety Team

  • Safety Team Area Heads: Paige Murray
    • Safety Team Staff: Ben, Garret, Eric, Aedyn, Kaylee, Shayna, Andrew

Incident Response Team

  • Incident Response Team irt-staff@arisia.org
    • Division Head: Tikva
    • Managers: Susan Weiner, Nchanter
    • ConChair Liason:
    • IRT Team Members: Kris Pelletier, Vivian Abraham, Susan Weiner, Diana Hsu, Nightwing Whitehead, Etana, Nchanter, WyldeKyttin, Jaime Garmendia

Team Arisia Services

Division Head: Erik Meyer-Curley & Sharon Sbarsky


  • Logistics Area Head: Kylie Selkirk
  • Logistics Assistant Area Head: Rex Powell
  • Dock Master:
  • (Un)Loading Crew: Patrick Flaherty, Cheryl Cheney, Sandy Sutherland, Mieke Citroen, Sean Philips, Jeremy Thorpe, Vivian Abraham, Steven Lee, Santiago Rivas, Joshua Burson, Zac Hewitt, Charles Olson, Ariela Zonderman, Heather Young
  • Logistics Drivers: Rick Kovalcik, Mark Hertel, Jonathon Weiss, Hobbit

Technical Services

Division Head/Technical Director: Brendon Chetwynd
Assistant Division Head/Assistant Technical Director: Hayden Bauer
Technical Advisor: David Silber




  • General Tech Staff: Beth Kevles, Chiara Guglielmo, Pink, Violet Zitola, Covert Beach, Bernie Gabin, Hobbit, Brett,

Youth Services

Division Head: Jan Dumas & Rebecca Brumberger

Assistant Division Head: [30]