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If you have filled a staff position for Arisia 2015, also please fill out the Onboarding Form. Do this whether or not the volunteer has been on Arisia staff in the past. You can add the volunteer to the Org Chart yourself, or ask Staff Services to do it for you. If you have trouble accessing the form or other questions Staff Services will be happy to help.

Positions without names might be open. If you're interested, contact the appropriate Div Head or Area Head.

For job descriptions (and other info), please see Divisions_and_Areas.

This is a work in progress and the structure is subject to change.

Con Chair

Con Chair: Mike Sprague

  • Con Chair staff: Nicholas "Phi" Shectman
  • Debrief: Rachel Silber
  • Meeting Support:
  • Promotional Parties: Kris "Nchanter" Snyder, Mike Sprague
  • Sales T-Shirt: Allen Holt


Div Head: (pro tem) Benjamin Levy

  • Assistant Div Head:




Div Head: David "DDA" D'Antonio

  • Assistant Div Head: Conor Walsh
  • Event Liaisons: Anna Erishkigal, Talis Thorndike Love, Conor Walsh
  • Liaison Mentors: Samantha Dings, Patricia Vandenberg
  • Outreach Liaison: Conor Walsh
  • Dances:
    • Friday Night Club Dance: Rabbit Revolution
    • Saturday Night Club Dance: DJ Dirge, DJ Xero
    • Drum and Dance: Penny Messier, Angela Bowen, Rich Parker
    • Fairy Tales Ball and Victorian Era Afternoon Dance: Barbara Pugliese, Antonia Pugliese
    • Swing Dance: Julie Kaufmann
    • Contra Dances: Jeff Kaufman, Kristin Seibert, Amy Englesberg, Mari Black
    • SCA / Renaissance Dance: Hermankyn of Quintavia
  • Live Performances:
    • The Best of the Kirk Poland Memorial Bad Prose Competition: Eric M. Van, Craig Shaw Gardner
    • Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sing-Along: Teseracte Players of Boston
    • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: Teseracte Players of Boston
    • Psyche Corporation: Psyche Corporation
    • Brighter Than a Thousand Suns: Randy Roswell, Angelika Roswell, Andre Tangredi
    • Geeky Belly Dancing: Samara Martin
    • Rocky Horror Picture Show: Teseracte Players of Boston, Glenn Macwilliams
    • "Serenity", "Out of Gas", "Jaynestown": RKO Army
    • A gender-swapped interpretation of "Space Seed": Post-Meridian Radio Players
    • Ig Nobel Readings: Marc Abrahams, Katherine Griffin
    • Hallucinating Shakespeare: Michael Anderson
    • Lost Pig: Brad Smith, Mindy Klenoff
    • "Sailor Moon"-themed Concert: Mary Bichner and Planetary Quartet Roster
    • Salem Trayned Band, Salem Zouaves, Legio III Cyrenaica demos: Mark Millman
    • Athena School of Arms demos: Steven Hirsch
    • Worcester Historical Swordsmanship demos: Ken Mondschein
    • Piano Rock: Matthew Ebel
    • Mrs. Hawking (play): Phoebe Roberts and the Watch City Players
    • SCA Rapier Fencing demo: Meg Swanton
    • One-Act Plays: Real; The Corporate Bored; The Devil in the Details: Janet Catherine Johnston, Carl Danielson
    • Wand Dueling workshop: Harry Potter New York City
  • Masquerade: James Hinsey
    • Assistant: Jill Eastlake
    • Staff: Aurora Celeste, Kathleen Amitrano, Harriet Severino, Dr. Karen Purcell
    • Registration: Aurora Celeste
    • Registration Table: Kathleen Amitrano
    • MC: Richard Hill
    • Stage Manager: Michael Rafferty
    • Judges:
      • Presentation Judges: N. K. Jemisin, Lee Moyer, Colette H. Fozard, Jennifer Old-d'Entremont
      • Workmanship Judge: Carol Salemi
      • Judges' Clerk: Kathleen Amitrano, Debi Chowdhury
    • Green Room Manager: Jill Eastlake
      • Green Room Staff: Donald Eastlake III, Toni Lay
      • Den Moms: Deborah Coombs, Katie Furr, Liza Furr, Toni Lay, Deb McLean, Bridget McManus, Courtney Rayle, Ruth Schoonover, Tam Schultz, Sian Thomas, Michele Weinstein
      • Repair Table Manager: Harriet Severino, Denise Spinale
    • Kamikaze Kids: Dawn Albright, Jill Silvester
    • Head Ninja: Ann Catelli
      • Backstage Pirate: Greykell Dutton
    • Official Photographer: Sandy Middlebrooks
      • Assistant Photographers: James Boykin, Michael Hailey, Derek Kouyoumjian, Julius Prince
    • Videographer: Syd Weinstein
    • Hall Costume Awards: NoeL (Northern Lights Costumers' Guild)
    • Masquerade House Manager: Matthew Barr
    • Masquerade Halftime Entertainment: RKO Army (Out of Gas), Michael Anderson (Quantum Suicide), Brad Smith (Powerpoint Karaoke)
    • Masquerade Computer Guru: James Hinsey


Div Head: Jaime Garmendia

Fixed Installations:

  • Assistant Division Head for Fixed Installations:
  • Art Show: Nicholas "phi" Shectman
    • Assistant Director: Megan Lewis
    • Automation: Jo Hogan
    • Baggage Check: Richard L. Schmeidler
    • Forms Design: Skip Morris
    • GoH Installation Assistants: Gabriel Lefton, Talia Lefton
    • Layout: Gay Ellen Dennett
    • Lighting Crew Chiefs: Lenny Foner, Ellen Blackburn
    • Logistics: Lisa Hertel
    • Mail-in Art:
    • Sales: Andrea Senchy
    • Setup/Teardown Crew Lead: Arthur "Thumper" Ercolini
    • Setup/Teardown Crew: Rob Allison, Jeanise Bertrand, D. Cameron Calkins, Yvonne Carts-Powell, Mieke Citroen, Amanda Coakley, Jen Dudley, Shirley Márquez Dúlcey, Larry Dunne, Angela Ercolini, Michael Kerpan, Ken London, Brianna Lueders, William Mui, Rex Powell, Rickland Powell, Eyal Sagi, Debby Sommer, Sandy Sutherland, Courtney Varga, Scott Varga, Michele Weinstein
    • Sommelier: Jaime Garmendia
    • Staff: Ariana Berns, Scott Catton, Adam Cohn, Deborah Coombs, Gillian Daniels, Joline Desrosiers, Roger Gifford, Daphne Gould, Shoshanna Holzer, Raymond Isaacs, Alice Iu, Jenny Kraus, Bridget McManus, Elliott Mitchell, James Reynolds, Harvey Rubinovitz, Ann Marie Rudolph, A. Julia Severino, Christiana Toomey, Trina Toups, Joan Turner
    • Student Art Contest: Jacob Lefton
      • Mailing Coordinators:
      • First Round Judges:
  • Dealers' Liaison: Edward Trachtenberg
    • Assistant Dealer Liaison: Amy Chused
    • Dealers' Room Coordinator: Sabina Fecteau
    • Staff:
  • Artist's Alley: Christine Denise Day
  • Galleria Manager:
  • Tax ID Czarina: Anna Erishkigal



  • Assistant Division Head for Media:
  • Anime: PJ Letersky
    • Assistant Anime Coordinator: Christine Palyo
  • Video/Web Shows Coordinator: Lance Oszko
    • Video Assistants:
  • Film Festival Coordinator: Scott "Kludge" Dorsey
    • Silent Film Organist: Marnen Laibow-Koser
    • Projectionist: Scott Norwood
    • Truck Driver: Melissa McDowell
    • Reel-to-Reel Assistants:


Div Head: Tom Traina

  • Assistant Div Head: [3]
  • Quartermaster/Bulk Purchasing: Terry Karney
    • Assistant:
  • Bread Fairy Liaison: [4]
    • Bread Fairy: Vicki Schnoes and the Brookline Food Co-Op
  • Con Suite: Austin Noto-Moniz
    • Staff: Daphne Gould, Joel Gould, Kanisha Grover, Raymond Isaacs, Danielle LaRose, Blake Meloccaro-Price, Solly Ross, Nick Sitar
  • Staff Den: Tamar Amidon
    • Chefs Behind the Green Curtain: Dave Shaw, Rikibeth Stein, Mali Turner, Rachel Olsen Wetherheimer
  • Green Room: Suli Isaacs
    • Staff: Emily Isaacs, Fred Isaacs, Ambar Hammond, Joel Phillips
  • Dead Dog:
  • Special Thanks:
    • Oracle of Foodstuffs: Conor Walsh

Hotel Liaison

Div Head: Amos Meeks

  • At-Con Hotel Liaisons: Emily Coombs, Craig McDonough, Matt Ringel, Rachel Silber
  • Innkeeper: Ellie Younger
    • Staff: Kendra Albert, Michael Feldhusen, Meg Frank, Jason Melchert
  • Party Czar: Joel Herda
  • BEO (Rooms) Wrangler: Paul Kraus
  • Food BEOs: Paul Kraus
  • Food Truck
    • Coordinator: Kris "Nchanter" Snyder
    • Wrangler: Jude Shabry
    • Whisperer: LA Sweet
  • Parking: Benjamin Levy

Member Services

Div Head: Sharon Sbarsky


Div Head: Daniel Eareckson

  • Assistant Division Head: Walter Kahn
    • IT Support: Noel Rosenberg
      • Pre-Con Planning: Mark Hertel
      • Computer and Printer and Copier Wrangling: Rick Kovalcik
      • Ops Room IT:
      • Staff: Joel Herda
      • Consultant: Alex Latzko
    • Logistics: Michael "Lucky" Leuchtenburg
      • Assistant/Loadmaster: *Hobbit*
      • Pre/Post Con Planning: Janet Stickle
        • Staff: Cast of thousands
        • Truck Drivers: *Hobbit*, Michael "Lucky" Leuchtenburg
        • Shuttle Driver: Allison Hooper
        • Load Crew: Cast of thousands
    • Ops Desk: David Axel Kurtz
      • Staff: Bhadrika, Todd Cooper, Craig McDonough, Denise Spinale, Laurel Richman, Nick Sitar, Raymond Wong
      • Consultant: Bryan Maynard
    • Printing: Rick Kovalcik
    • Security: Adam Burdick
      • Assistant: Timothy Yee
        • Security Secretary: Heather Down
        • Dispatchers: Russell Blake, Rachel Jarnes
        • Lieutenants: Ly Meloccaro-Price, Nick Down, Paige Murray, Todd Cochran, Jon Mendoza,
          • NCO's (Squad Leaders): Tex Whittemore, Danny Lee, Heather Down, Damien Harris, Bobby Huntly
            • Security Officers: Emily Walton, Ashlie McCall, Rob Rabito, Matt Brightman, Miguel Valentin, Will Munoz, Byron McNeal, Pat Brennan, Grace Taverna, Jennie Michel, Sue Thompson, Joe Mogel, Justine Murray, Erika Hutchinson, Spencer Thompson, Benn Kesler, Garrett Colon, Padraic Gribbons, Zachary Gallant, Ed Demaso, Sarah Gullion, Chistopher Criner, John Shaw


Div Head: Micah Schneider

  • Assistants: Dash, Pam Larson
  • Diversity Coordinator: Dash
  • Talent Coordinator:
  • Editors:
  • Track Managers:
    • Art & Maker: Drew Van Zandt
    • Anime: Christa Newman-Morris
    • Comics: Donna Martinez, Alex Jarvis
    • Communities: Aimee Bouchard, Michelle Driscoll
    • Costuming: Jennifer Old-d'Entremont
    • Fan Interest: Shana Fuqua
    • Five Minute Talks: David Shaw
    • Literature: Shira Lipkin, Erik Amundsen
    • Gaming: Andy Rosequist, Ian Campbell
    • Media: Adam Lipkin
    • Music: Jeff Keller
      • Assistant: Jeremy Kessler
    • Science: Mark Amidon
    • Writing: Lisa Hagar
  • Program Nexus:
    • Nexus Manager: Jeff Warner
    • Nexus Staff: Rick Katze
  • Zambia: Peter Olszowka
    • SysAdmin: Dan Franklin


Div Head: Melia Beetham

  • Assistant Div Heads: Joshua Rachlin, Peter Brenton
    • Pre-con Staff: Sara Gussin, Diana Hsu, Amol Vaidya
    • At-con Staff: Wendee Abramo, Rob Castiello, Jesse Cox, Kelly Fabijanic, Jennifer Fitzsimmons-Gauger, Shazza Gilbert, Timothy O. Goyette, Kathy Grider, Sara Gussin, Diana Hsu, Kara Hurvitz, Nurit Janovich, Danielle Reese, Jana Spencer, Skye Souter, Amol Vaidya, Nora Vitale, Rob Castiello
    • Congo Assistance: Dave Shevett

Staff Services

Div Head: Anna Bradley, Terry Holt

  • Massage Den: Stephen Balzac
    • Staff: Eric Bornstein, Lilith Asteroth, Audrey Adams, Cat Stoltz, Becca Mandel, Whitney Adams
  • Volunteers: Erik J. Meyer-Curley
  • Volunteer Lounge Coordinator: Terry Holt
    • Assistants: Elliot Oberholtzer
    • Duck Hunt: Talis Thorndike Love
  • Space Pilot Program: Allison Feldhusen
  • Staff Newsletter: Terry Holt, Anna Bradley
  • Training: Shaina Doberman
  • T-Shirt and Swag Coordination: Anna Bradley
    • Volunteer Shirt Art: Jenny Akerman
  • Ribbons: Sharon Sbarsky, Anna Bradley
  • Thursday Night Staff Dinner Coordinator: Terry Holt
    • Dinner Assistants:

Technical Services

Div Head: Persis Thorndike

  • Assistants: Abby Noyce, BDan Fairchild
  • TD Minder: Erin Benson
  • Events Liaison: Persis Thorndike, Abby Noyce
  • Dance Events Liaison: BDan Fairchild
  • Room designs and documents: David H. Silber
    • Room drawings assistant:
  • Set-Up Room Captain:
  • Program AV: Rick Kovalcik
    • Assistant: Joseph Averett
    • Staff: Matthew Bartle, Will Coakley, Colin Jalbert, Sherene Raisbeck, Lauren Smith
  • Lighting Designer: David H. Silber
    • LD Emeritus: *hobbit*
    • Assistant LD: Liana Olear
    • Dance Tent LD: Angela Morley
  • Sound Designer: Meg Nuge
    • SD Emeritus: Paul Kraus
    • Assistant SDs: K Wiley, Nick Jones
    • Dance Tent SD: Kiran Wagle
  • Video Designer: Syd Weinstein
    • Assistant VD: Peter Olszowka
    • Video Gear Wrangler: Peter Olszowka
    • Video Director:
    • Video Staff: Megan Gentry
    • Video Engineer: Bill Miller
  • Intercom: Sam Kopel
  • Arisia TV Feed: Carl Zwanzig
    • Arisia TV Programming: Rachel Downing
  • Czar[ina] of Screens and Projectors: Tom Dings, Samantha Dings
  • Drape Wrangler: Lisa Hertel
  • Tech Mom: Maura Taylor
  • Tech Access: Ruth Schoonover
  • General Tech Staff: Seph Aliquo, Matthew Barr, Aaron Block, Michael Carroll, Heidi Clark, Ed Council, Scott Dorsey, Greykell Dutton, Rich Fine, Stephanie Fine, Ken Fink, Pi Fisher, Stephanie Friedman, Sol Gartner Bellows, Eric Gassior, Marty Gear (in absentia), Lowell Gilbert, Jim Housell, Ariela Housman, Danielle Hughes, Daniel Johnson-Carter, Lilienne Lethe, Leon Marr, Paul Mossip, Genni Mushlin, Dan Noé, Lia Olsborg, Mary Olszowka, Michael Rafferty, Sparr Risher, Demetri Sampas, Kristin Seibert, Harriet Severino, Chuck Shimada, Wrenn Simms, Peter Smiley, Lauren Smith, Ellen Sontag-Miller, Sarah "Pie" Stauff, Janet Stickle, Brian Trimmer, Ben Warmus, Jonathon Weiss, Greg Westland, Ariela Zonderman.

Youth Services

Div Heads: Dale Meyer-Curley, Kris Pelletier