A'05 Org Chart

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Con Chair and Chair's Staff:
Con Chair: Buzz Harris
Assistant Con Chairs: Elka Tovah Davidoff
Nicholas 'phi' Shectman
Staff Liaison:
Staff Contact List:
Staff Website: Merv
Guest of Honor Liaison: Colette Fozard
Assistant: Melina Schlotthauer
Staff: Chuck Fozard
Rachel Mello
"Happy" Pete Thomas
Convention Time Line:
Gopher T-Shirt Design:
Chairman's SWAT Team:
SWAT Team Members:
Convention Site Webmaster: Catya Belfer-Shevett
Convention Treasury Staff:
Convention Treasurer: Cris Shuldiner
Treasury Staff Glen Goodwin
Patrick McCormack (Chief Irritant)
Tom Murphy
Linda Nee
Hotel Staff:
Hotel Liaison: Dennis McCunney
Deputy Liaison
In Charge of Resume:
Noel Rosenberg
Deputy's Staff: Elka Tovah Davidoff
Staff: Debra Cebulski
Craig McDonough
InnKeepers: Tia Kaplowitz
Ann Muir Thomas
Software Support: Lisa Wilson
Operations & Communications Division:
Division Head: Tom Coveney
Assistant: Drea Brandford
Roger Neumann
Jim Stevenson
Ops Staff: Kit Golan
Mike Sprague
Operations Desk: Walter Kahn
Ops Desk Assistant:
Ops Desk Staff: Jeanne Kahn
Dale Curley
Emily Combs
Roger Neumann

Staff Workroom / Convention Office Manager:
[../corp/directions.html#exan Directions to the Convention Office]

Security: Jet Turi
Security Desk:
Communications Czar:
Radios, Cell Phones, Pagers:
Telephone Lines:
FCC Licensing:

Information Czar and
Electronic Mailroom:

Staff Cards:
Press Liaison:
Sign Shop:
Logistics: Ken Elwell
Truck Drivers:
At-Con Errands:
Logistics Crew:
Logistics Mascots: Strong of Back
Weak of Mind
Able to Drive Truck
Marketing Division:
Division Head: Rickland Powell
Division Staff: Deb Cebulski
Convention Flyer Production:
Convention Flyer Distribution:
Convention Marketing Party Coordinator:
Earned & Free Media:
College Outreach:
Marketing Toys (Tatoos, Etc.):
Publications Division:
Division Head: Carsten Turner
Information Weasel:
Souvenir Book: Paul Selkirk
Souvenir Book Ad Sales: "Happy" Pete Thomas
Program Book Ads Placement:
Commercial Advertising Placement:
Pocket Program: Rachel Mello
At-Con Newsletter:
Mass Mailer: Val Grimm
PreReg Packet:
Local Resource Guide:
Survey Team:
Restaurant Guide:
Survey Team:
Programming Division:
Division Head: Sheila Oranch
Assistants: Bridget Boyle
Program Ops: Elaine Brennan
Shift Managers: Jeff Warner
Program Ops Staff: Michelle Behr
Adria Crum
Marjorie Cugini
Kara Haff
Hal Haag
Program Development: Rachel Silber
and the BrainStormers
Editors: Michael Sharrow
Pam Ochs
Chris Amshey
Program Data Wrangler:
Program Participant Packets:
Program Tech -- A/V: Carolyn Emberley
Gaming Track:
Media Track: Dan Kimmel
Anime Track: Mike Toole
Art Track: Chris Amshey
Costume Track: Carol Salemi
Literature / Comix / Poetry / Internet: Sheila Oranch
Science & Technology:
Cons & Fannish Interests:
LARP: Becky Schoenberg
Assistant: Arnis Kletnieks
Filk Programming: Jacob Sommer
Filk Programming Assistant:
Filk Room Managers:
Fast Track (Childrens Program): Persis Thorndike
Member Services Division:
Division Head: Jack Dietz
Assistants: Ted Beatie
Heather Munn
ConSuite: Lia Olsborg
Green Room: Mike Trachtenberg
Gopher Wrangler: Rachael Schechter
Assistants: Claudia Mastroianni
Matt Ryan
Generic or Random Staff: Jenner Frazer
Coner Walsh
Staff Den: Sibyl Shearin
Assistants: Megan Ringrose
Robert G. Ringrose
Quartermaster & Purchasing: Jim Leonard
Massage Den: Crystal Hill
Internet Room: Steve Huff
System Administrator: Dante Blado
Network Engineer: TBA
Info Desk: Rick Kovalcik
Info Desk Assistants: Mike Benveniste
Deb Geisler
Susan Mozzicato
Diane Rosenburg
Sharon Sbarsky
Tim Szczesuil
David Wolfe
Accessibility Desk: Elizabeth Gompels
Sign Language Interpreters:
Wheelchair Lift:
Lead reg weenie: Dave Belfer-Shevett
Registration Kick-boy: Sarah Twichell
Database Lackey: Lisa Wilson
The Staff Site Webmaster would like it known that these desingations were created, assigned and requested to be published by Dave himself.
Party Czar: Daniel Abraham
Babysitting/Child Care: Josh Rachlin
Babysitters: Rhonda NoLastName
Susan Weiner
Irina Slastenko
M. Catherine Hirschbiel
Julia Suggs
Laura Boylan
Kim NoLastName
Nomi Siegelman
Jessica Maryott
Greer Hauptman
Kerri Sheingold
Marie-Astrid Walling
Arisia Sales Liaison: Lisa Hertel
Sales Staff: Adria Crum
Samantha Dings
Jenner Frazer
Bob Kelley
T-Shirt Printer: Offworld Designs
Coat Check: Bryttan 'Bryt' Bradley
Exhibits Division:
Division Head: Ben Levy
Assistant Div Head: Andrea Finnin
Art Show Director: Jill Eastlake
Art Show Staff: The Incredible Floating East Coast Art Show Crew
Art Show Mailings Supervisor: Nicholas Shectman
Art Show Mailings Staff: Skip Morris
Show Design & Construction: Ted Atwood
Space Allocation: Gay Ellen Dennett
Hangings De/Construction: 'Zanne Labonville
Artist Check In / Check Out: Bonnie Atwood
Artist Check In / Out Assistant: Jenny Kraus
Print Shop: Joni Dashoff
Mail-in Art Coordinator: Jill Eastlake
Return Shipping: Skip Morris
Art Show Sales: Andrea Senchy
Art Show Security: Allison Feldhusen
Mike Feldhusen
Art Show Jury: Sue Brown
Dave Seeley
Carsten Turner
Awards: Jill Eastlake
Auction: Lisa Adler-Golden
Auctioneers: Jim Belfiore
jan finder
Student Art Contest: Jill Eastlake
Student Art Contest Judges: Sue Brown
Rachel Mello
Carsten Turner
Dealers' Room: Pamela Koretsky
Dealers' Row: Rachel Silber
Anime Theatre: Mike Toole
Anime Tech:
Video Theatre: Bob Paterson
Assistant: Lance Oszko
Patty Silva
Video Theatre Tech:
MPLC License: Ben Levy
Films: Scott Dorsey
Assistants: Melissa McDowell
Scott Norwood
Fan Tables and Bazaar:
Freebie Tables:
Freebie Stands: Erwin "Filthy Pierre" Strauss
Gaming Room Manager: Jason Schneiderman
Hidden Frontier Showing: Andrea Finnin
Events Division:
Division Head: Pat Vandenberg
Events Vice Coordinator: David D'Antonio
Events Liaisons: Sierra Black
Susan Brown
Janice and Ron Dallas
Samantha Dings
Jenner Frazer
Martin Hunter
Allen Kent
Doug Ray
Persis Thorndike
Jesse Wertheimer
Opening Parade Leader Victor J. Raymond
LARP/Boffers Tournament Matt Pearson & Rachel Morris
with Anakin Michele
Masquerade Director: Carol Salemi
Masquerade Assistant: Bridget Boyle
Den Moms and Dads David D'Antonio
Masquerade Registration:
Master of Ceremonies: Ricky Dick
Judges: Karen Dick
Dina Flockhart
Marty Gear
Barbara Hambly
Karl Winkler
Judges Clerk:
Green Room Manager: Byron Connell
Repair Table Tina Connell
Certificates & Calligraphy:
Official Photographer: Sandy Middlebrooks
Offical Videographer: John Floydd
Masquerade House Manager:
Stage Manager:
Tech Liaison: Stephanie Carrigg
Head Ninja: Ann Catelli
Hall Costume Awards:
Pre-Masquerade Show:
Masquerade Halftime: Skip Morris
Fan Photo Area:
BMI/ASCAP Licenses:
Meet the Professionals Social: Jill Eastlake
Friday Period Dance: Susan de Guardiola
Friday Period Dance Staff: Patrie Pugliese
Saturday Contemporary Dance: David D'Antonio
DJ: Johnny Zed (aka John F. Zmrotchek)
GoH Events Liaison Susan Brown
Writer GoH Event: Barbara Hambly & Victor J. Raymond
Artist GoH Event: John Picacio
Fan GoH Event:
Filk Special Guest Events: Ed Stauff & Mary Ellen Wessels
Heinlein Society Blood Drive Liaison: David D'Antonio
Rocky Horror Picture Show: David D'Antonio
Featuring: The Teseracte Players of Boston
SF Jeopardy Okian Warrior
Small Tent Manager:
Higgins Armory Presentation: Mark Millman
Sundae Sunday: Pat McCormack
Dr. Who Alien Challenge Solomon Davidoff
Goth Beachwear Fashion Show: Ann Catelli
Captaions: A Play Mike Ciaraldi
Filkado Gary McGath
Late Night without David Letterman JB Segal
Raptor Demonstration Natasha Hawke
Tech Director: Joel Lord
Assistant Tech Director: J. Michael Specer
Lighting Designer: *Hobbit*
Assistant Lighting Designer: Val Grimm
Sound Designer: Mike Piantedosi
Assistant Sound Director
Electrical Power & Distribution:
Masquerade Caller: Ariel Franklin-Hudson
Ballroom Video: Patrick Foster
Arisia TV: Janet Max Stickle
Hotel Video Systems Integration Liaison:
A-TV Crew:
Video Director:
Small Tent Tech Manager:
Small Tent Sound:
Orphaned Departments:
Used to be Convention Services, with some Member Services
Division Head:
Video MPLC License:
BMI/ASCAP Licenses:
Hotel Video Feed:
A-V Services:
Gopher Wrangler:
"Team Arisia" T-Shirt Design and Production:
Coat Check (Sunday?):
Fanzine Lounge: