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Con Chair Retinue
The Beloved Elka Tovah Menkes
Assistant to the Con Chair
The Befuddled Buzz Harris
Assistant Con Chair
The Party-Throwing Cris Shuldiner
Convention Comptroller
Derek Lichter
GOH Liaison
Nicholas "Phi" Shectman
Hotel Liaison
The Over Committed Skip Morris
Hotel Liaison Staff
Drea Brandford
Craig McDonough
Sheila Oranch
Pat Vandenberg
Dennis McCunney
Convention Treasurer
Woody Bernardi
Fan Contest Staff
Student Art Contest CoOrdinator
Kimberly Bradshaw
Writing Contest CoOrdinator
Michael Dutka
Jennifer Grace
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Convention Publications, Marketing and Advertising

Convention Publications Division Head
The Out-Of-Work-ConChair Paul Selkirk
Souvenir Book Designer
Dennis McCunney
Clear Ether Publisher
Ted Beatty
Publisher's Assistant
Barry Marin
Convention Marketing
The Out-Of-Work-ConChair Paul Selkirk
Mass Mailing CoOrdinator
The Out-Of-Work-ConChair Paul Selkirk
Progress Report CoOrdinator / PreReg Packet Author
The Out-Of-Work-ConChair Paul Selkirk
Pocket Program CoOrdinator
"I Said I'd Do This Again?" Adam Ek
The Out-Of-Work-ConChair Paul Selkirk
Restaurant Guide
Position To Be Filled
Resident Fool
Barry Marin
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Convention Operations

Operations Division Head
The Authoritative Brendan Quinn
Assistant Operations Division Head
The "I was going to put Intimidating here, but she glared at me," Kimberley Van Auken
The Devilishly Handsome Glen R. Goodwin
Operations Desk Head
The Up-And-Coming Carsten Turner
'Stan's better looking halves
Amy Chused and Jen Grace
Security Department Head
The Machiavellian Noel Rosenberg
Gopher God
Mike McAfee
Logistics Crew Chiefs
The Lean, Mean, String-Bean, Kevin Fallon and MacGyvette, Linda Nee
Logistics Crew
Strong of Back, Weak of Mind, Able to Drive Truck, and the Extraordinary Pack - Ape
Sign Shop
Douglas Murray
OPS Staff
Steve Carpenter, Eliza Eggert, Ken Elwell, Colette Fozard, Elizabeth Gallagher, Joe Mogan Jr., Bird and Richard Moore
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===Member Services===
Member Services Division Head
Tom Coveney
Member Services Assistant Division Head
The Perennial Walter Kahn
Registration Department Head
Curt Kremer
Registration Assistant Department Head
The Man Without A Last Name: Brad
Registration Clues
The Registration SuperVillain, The Marvelous MERV
Fan Tables
The Perennial Walter Kahn and Tom Coveney
Freebie Tables
The Perennial Walter Kahn and Tom Coveney
Babysitting Services Department Head
Sheeri Kritzer
Coat Check
Unconfirmed Posting
Convention Suite Department Head
Barbara Raguso
Assistant Convention Suite Hosting
Position To Be Filled
Member Party Liaison
The Perennial Walter Kahn
Staff Den Department Head
Den Mommy weredeer: Joanne Handwerger
Staff Den Assistant Department Head
Bridget Boyle
Staff Den STAFF
Green Room Department Head
Mike Trachtenberg
Green Room Assistant Department Head
Fanzine Lounge
Ailsa Ek
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Programming Division Head
Rachel Silber and Traciy Fogarty
Assistant Programming Division Head
Beth Kelly
Mike Bremen
Program Development
Rae Bradbury
Robert McKeagney III
Charley Sumner
SF Film/TV
Tom Chenelle
Table-Top Gaming
Unconfirmed Posting
Electronic/Computer Gaming
Todd DeMelle
John Bowker
Position To Be Filled
Fans in the Real World
Position To Be Filled
Alternate History
Position To Be Filled
General Consultant
Mark Waks
Lisa Snook
Tom Chenelle
Pre-Con Program Ops
Mark Wise, Ariel Rhodes
At-Con Program Ops
The Ever Resourceful Matt Ringel
Position To Be Filled
The Successor To The Crown Adam Ek
Fast Track
Rachel Silber
Traciy Fogarty
Fast Track Assistant
Jeanne Colarusso
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[#Fixed Fixed Event Staff] -- [#Motion Motion Picture Staff] -- [#Feature Featured Events] -- [#Tech Technical Support Staff]

Events Division Head
The Hot'N'Spicy gingi: Rachel Silverman
Events Assistant Division Heads
The Reshod Boot of Tyranny, Pat McCormack
Gale Langseth
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Fixed Events
Dealer's Liaison
The Quiet & Patient Benjamin Levy
Art Show Department Head
Cris Shuldiner
Art Show STAFF
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Motion Picture Events
Video Department Head
The Media - Enabled Patty Silva
Video Department Crew
Anime Department Head
Unconfirmed Posting
Films Department Head
Scott Dorsey
Internet Room
Jude Shabry
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Featured Events
Club-Style Dance
The ever-dancin' Tigger-ette: Krista Ernewein
Period Dance
The Graceful Angie Bowen
Filking Concerts
The Successor To The Throne Adam Ek
Drum Sessions
Pam Koretsky
Masquerade Department Head
Donna Dube
Post-Masquerade Reception
Position To Be Filled
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Tech Section: [#A-TV ARISIA-TV] -- [#Technical Services ARISIA Tech Staff]

ARISIA-TV Executive Producer
"Radioactive" Rich Macchi
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Presentation Technical Services Department Staff

Technical Director
The Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things Joelll Herda
Assistant Technical Director
Aaron Block
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