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Con Chair
The Esteemed Paul Selkirk
Assistant to the Con Chair
The Suckered Elka Tovah Menkes
Assistant Con Chair
The Confused Cris Shuldiner
GOH Liaison
Position To Be Filled
Hotel Liaison
The Over Committed Skip Morris
Hotel Liaison Staff
The Ever Resourceful Matt Ringel
Craig McDonough
Sheila Oranch
Pat Vandenberg
Convention Treasurer
The Incomparable Phi: Nicholas Shectman
Assistant to the Convention Treasurer
The Strikingly Handsome Woody Bernardi
Treasury Staff
Gary Feldbaum
Derek Lichter
Skip Morris
David Cantor
Treasury Unsung Hero
Bryttan Mae Bradley
Convention Purchasing Specialist
Position To Be Filled
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Convention Publications, Marketing and Advertising

Convention Publications Division Head
The Graphically Enabled Lisa Hertel
Souvenir Book Designer
The Statuesque Elka Tovah Menkes
Apprentice to the Souvenir Book Designer
Mike Sharrow
Clear Ether Publisher
The Java - Swilling Matt Ryan
Convention Marketing
Position To Be Filled
Mass Mailing CoOrdinator
The Word Processing Lisa Hertel
Progress Report CoOrdinator / PreReg Packet Author
The Multiply Hugo Nominated Bob Devney
Pocket Program CoOrdinator
"What Was I Thinking?" Adam Ek
Mailing Maven
Diane Rosenburg
The Graphically Enabled Lisa Hertel
Restaurant Guide
Karyn Pichnarczyk
Resident Fool
Barry Marin
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Convention Operations

Operations Division Head
The Reluctant Cris Shuldiner
Operations Intern
The Marvelous Merv
Assistant Operations Division Head
Brendan Quinn
Operations Desk Head
"El Generalissimo" Pat Mccormack
Security Department Head
The Unable To Get Away From It All Forever Joelll Herda
Gopher God
Tara Edwards
Strong of Back, Weak of Mind, Able to Drive Truck, and the Extraordinary Pack - Ape.
Sign Shop
Position To Be Filled
Communications Equipment Procurement
Jim Roberts
Operations STAFF
. . . A Cast Of Hundreds . . .
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Member Services

Member Services Division Head
Tom Coveney
Registration Department Head
This Space Intentionallly Left Blank
Information Desk Department Head
The Maternal Bea Bordzol
Special Assistant to the InfoDeskDeptHead
The Paternal Scott Campanella
Fan Tables
The Cheering Tom Coveney
Babysitting Services Department Head
Sheeri Kritzer
Coat Check
Position To Be Filled
Convention Suite Department Head
The ever-bouncy Tigger-ette: Krista Ernewein
Assistant Convention Suite Hosting
Bridget Boyle
Member Party Liaison
Melina Schlotthauer
Staff Den Department Head
Den Mommy weredeer: Joanne Handwerger
Staff Den STAFF
Daniel Abraham
Jennifer Shih
Green Room Department Head
Mike Trachtenberg
Sabrina Santiago
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Programming Division Head
The Dangerously Quiet Buzz Harris
Assistant Programming Division Head
---The One--- Noel Rosenberg
Department Head for Program Development
The Rakish Mike McAfee
Pre-Con Program Ops Department Head
Fred Dacey
At-Con Program Ops Staff
Drea Brandford
Gaming Department Head
Keith McCormick
The Vocal Mark Mandel
Assistant to the FilkCzar
The Idea-ful Adam Ek
Fast Track
Rachel Silber and Traciy Fogarty
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[#Fixed Fixed Event Staff] -- [#Motion Motion Picture Staff] -- [#Feature Featured Events] -- [#Tech Technical Support Staff]

Events Division Head
The Hot'N'Spicy gingi: Rachel Silverman
Events Assistant Division Heads
The Perennial Walter Kahn
The Gullible Ken Porter
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Fixed Events
Assistant to the Events Division Head ( in charge of Fixed Events )
Fix It 'Zanne Labonville
Dealer's Liaison
The Quiet & Patient Benjamin Levy
Assistant to the Dealer's Liaison
Amy Chused of the Shimmery Purple Vest
Art Show Department Head
The Amazingly Organized Karl Wurst
Art Show STAFF
Bonnie & Ted Atwood
Cameron, Deanna, and Susan Calkins
Anton & Peggy Chernoff
David Collins
Adam Copeland
Joni Dashoff
Carol Delville
Gay Ellen Dennett
George Flynn
Hal Haag
Lisa and Mark Hertel
Matt Hull
Walter Kahn
Johnna Klukas
Edward MacGregor
Karen Purcell
Harvey Rubinovitz
Andrea Senchy
Jim & Tracy Symolon
Amy & Nocholas W*st
. . . and the Incredible Floating East Coast Art Show Crew . . .
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Motion Picture Events
Video Department Head
The Media - Enabled Patty Silva
Assistant to the VidDptHead
Charles Gallella
Anime Department Head
Dave "I have how many anime tapes?" Collins
Films Department Head
Position To Be filled
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Featured Events
Fanzine Lounge Hostess
The Redoubtable Ailsa Murphy
LARP Liaison
Keith McCormick
Camarilla Dance
Position To Be filled
Shakespearean Dance
The Graceful Angie Bowen
Filking Concerts
The Still Vocal Mark Mandel
Assistant to the FilkCzar
The Idea-ful Adam Ek
Masquerade Department Head
The Punctual Donna Dube
Masquerade Stage Manager
Position To Be Filled
Masquerade Registration
The Strummer Gunther Anderson
Masquerade Green Room Staff
Byron Connell
Tina Connell
Masquerade Emcees
Marty Gear & Sue deGuardiola
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Tech Section: [#A-TV ARISIA-TV] -- [#Technical Services ARISIA Tech Staff]

ARISIA-TV Executive Producer
"Radioactive" Rich Macchi
Kriss Barnhart
Patrick Foster
Andy Oakland
Megan Gentry
Donna Peronace
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Presentation Technical Services Department Staff

Technical Director
The Renowned Pup: Aaron Block
Assistant Technical Director
David Silber
Main Tent Sound CoOrdinator
Paul Kraus
Main Tent Lighting CoOrdinator
Liz Orenstein
Main Tent House Manager
Position To Be Filled
Small Tent Sound CoOrdinator
"Have Sound Board, Will Travel," Spencer Love
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