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== Contact Information: registration@arisia.org ==
== Contact Information: registration@arisia.org ==
== [[Staff Services]] ==
== [[Team Arisia Services]] ==
(Formerly '''Staff Services''')
* [[VOLUNTEERS AREA HEAD | Volunteers Area Head]]
* [[VOLUNTEERS AREA HEAD | Volunteers Area Head]]
* [[Arisia Headquarters  | Team Arisia Headquarters]]
* [[Arisia Headquarters  | Team Arisia Headquarters]]

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The following list describes the divisions and major areas of Arisia. This list is made in the context of Arisia 2013, and things do shift from year to year. See Org Chart for the complete staff breakdown and contact information.

If your area is missing, please create one, or ask your Div Head to create one for you.

You can find a template for creating an description of your area at: Area Page Template

Con Chair (Category:Conchair)

Communications (Category:Communications)

Events (Category:Events)

Exhibits (Category:Fixed Functions)

Food Functions (Category:Food)


Hotel (Category:Hotel)

Member Services (Category:Member Services)

Ops (Category:Ops)


Programming (Category:Programming)

Registration (Category:Registration)

Contact Information: registration@arisia.org

Team Arisia Services

(Formerly Staff Services)

Technical Services (was Tech) (Category:Technical Services (was Category:Tech))

For general notes, please see Things people should know, as written c. A'15.

Area Positions

These are positions and responsibilities one inherits for the entire convention timeframe. These are generally Area Heads, or critical services that need to be provided throughout the convention.

Runtime Positions

The following are runtime stage positions that may or may not be applied to different events during Arisia. Many of these positions are open for anyone to jump into and volunteer!

Events For Which Tech Provides Support

Tech provides event support for a number of events which are common from year to year. Generally, these fall under the Events Division. Tech also provides support for general programming panels via the Program AV sub-department.

Tech Supported Venues

Technical Services supports events within several venues of the convention, including:

Convention Treasurer (Category:Treasurer)

Please see the main page http://staff.arisia.org for a link to the current convention budget.

Youth Services (Category:Youth Services)

Divheads, there's an information page for you too.