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This is a work in progress and the structure is subject to change.

Con Chair

Con Chair: Jaime Garmendia
Deputy Con Chair: Kris Pelletier

  • Liaison to Student Art & Student Writing Contests

Assistant Con Chairs

  • Dale Meyer-Curley -- Hotel, Events, Gaming, Programming, and Documentation
  • Diana Hsu -- Member Services, Registration, Staff Services, Youth Services, and Diversity
  • Daniel Eareckson -- Exhibits, Food, Operations, Tech, and Special Projects
  • Con Chair Advisors: Anna Bradley, Nicholas "Phi" Shectman

Con Chair Direct Reports

Communications, Special Projects, Treasurer, GoH Liaison, Application IT

Con Chair Special Projects

Daniel Eareckson

Convention Treasurer

Convention Treasurer: Ellie Younger

  • Special Assistant to Convention Treasurer: Tom Traina
  • Cash Office Head:
  • Treasury Staff:
  • Swipe Box Guru:

GOH Liaison

Guest of Honor Liaison: Kathryn Kun
Assistant Guest of Honor Liaison: Buzz Harris

  • Liaison to Writer Guest of Honor:
  • Liaisons to Fan Guest of Honor: Emily Wagner and Siobhan Krzywicki
  • Pre-Con Staff:
  • At-Con Staff: Michelle/Pygment

Diversity Committee

Diversity Co-Chairs: Diana Hsu, Rashawn Seams

  • Diversity Committee: Anna Bradley, Jaime Garmendia, Aaron Heuckroth, Donna Martinez, Cody Mattes, James Meickle, Mark Oshiro, Summer Plum, Rachel Silber, & Kris "Nchanter" Snyder

Documentation Team

Documentation Chair: Taylor Hartwin

  • Documentation Committee: Cody Mattes, Dale Meyer-Curley

Application IT

Team Lead: Peter Olszowka

Zambia Support [2]

  • Zambia Sysadmin: Dan Franklin

Convention Master Support [3]

  • Convention Master Sysadmin: Matt Barr
    • Staff: Benjamin Levy


Division Head: [4]

Direct reports:

  • Website Lead: Catya Belfer
    • Website Editors: Leslie Pocklington
    • Website Programmers: Ben Levy, Catya Belfer, Peter Olszowka
    • Website Designers: Leslie Pocklington, Alan Wexelblat

Assistant Division Head, Publications: Alan Wexelblat

  • Digital Publications Coordinator:

Assistant Division Head, Media: Gregorian Hawke


Division Head: Persis Thorndike

Assistant Division Head: Sharon Sbarsky and Beth Kevles

  • Lead Events Liaison:
    • Events Liaisons: Cate Clifford, Harriet Severino, Lynn E. Cohen Koehler, Bria Leigh Yazic
  • Club Dance Liaison:
  • Contra Dance Liaison:
  • Social Dance Liaison:
  • Wandering Minstrels: Jeff Keller
    • At-Con Minstrel Wrangler: Susan Weiner
  • Weapons Demonstrations Liaison: [9] Steven Hirsch
    • Assistant Weapons Demonstrations Liaison:
  • Yoga Class Manager: Eric Bornstein


Masquerade Director: James Hinsey

Assistant Masquerade Director: Kat Amitrano

  • Staff: Debi Chowdhury, Jen Grover, Susan Isaacs, Roberta Moore
  • Masquerade Table: Kat Amitrano
  • MC: Chris Doherty
    • MC Assist/Liaison:
  • Stage Manager: Kaede Morales
  • Judges:
    • Presentation Judges:
    • Workmanship Judges: Lily Fehler
    • Judges' Clerks: Jen Grover, Susan Isaacs, Roberta Moore
  • Green Room Manager:
    • Green Room Staff:
    • Den Moms:
    • Repair Table Manager:
  • Kamikaze Kids:
  • Head Ninja: Ann Catelli
    • Backstage Pirate: Greykell Dutton
  • Official Photographer:
    • Assistant Photographers:
  • Masquerade Photographer:
  • Videographer:
  • Hall Costume Awards:
  • Masquerade House Manager:
    • Ushers:
  • Masquerade Halftime Entertainment:
  • Masquerade Computer Guru: James Hinsey
  • CART Services:


Division Head: David "DDA" D'Antonio
Assistant Division Head: Benjamin Levy
Assistant Division Head: Jill Eastlake

Fixed Installations:

  • Art Show: Megan Lewis and Nicholas "phi" Shectman
    • Artist Relations:
    • Automation: Jo Hogan
    • Awards:
    • Bag Check:
    • Catalog:
    • Checkin/Checkout:
    • Checkin/Checkout Chief: Carol London
    • GoH Liaison:
    • Layout:
    • Mail-In/Mail-Out:
    • Paperwork:
    • Recruitment:
    • Registration:
    • Sales:
    • Sales Chief: Andrea Senchy
    • Setup/Teardown:
    • Setup Chief: Rex Powell
    • Lighting Chiefs:
    • Signage:
    • Sommelier:
    • Student Art Contest Liaison:
    • Tactile Tour:
    • Training:
    • Volunteer Coordinator:
    • General Art Show Staff & Runtime Crew:
  • Dealers' Liaison: Ed Trachtenberg
    • Assistant Dealer Liaison: Sabina
    • Dealers' Room Coordinator:
    • Staff:
  • Fan Tables: Aurora Celeste
  • Tax ID Czar: Mieke Citroen
  • Galleria Manager: Skip Morris
    • Galleria Layout:

Projected Media:


Co-Division Heads: Miri Brodie-Grossman & Tamar Amidon

Assistant Division Head:

  • Con Suite: [10]
    • Con Suite Staff:
    • Con Suite Food Prep:
    • Pot Washer:
  • Dead Dog: [11]
    • Dead Dog Assistant:
    • Dead Dog Staff:
  • Green Room: Mary Catelynn Cunningham
  • Quartermaster: [12]
    • Assistant Quartermaster: Austin Noto-Moniz
    • Quartermaster Staff:
    • Food Accountants:
  • Staff Den Head: [13]
    • Assistant Staff Den Head:
    • Food Logistics:
    • Staff Den Shift Lead:
    • Staff Den Staff:
  • Technical Expertise:


Division Head: Kevin "Yellow Tie Guy" Schendell
Assistant Division Head:

Hotel Liaison

Division Head: Emily Coombs
Assistant Division Head: Debby Sommer
Overflow Hotel Contact: Kris Snyder

Member Services

Division Head: Tanya Washburn
Assistant Division Head: Elena Canadas


(a.k.a Ops)

Division Head: Noel Rosenberg
Assistant Division Heads

  • TBD (IT, Logistics, Ops Desk, Sign Shop)
  • Crow Meloccaro (First Aid, Incident Reporting, The Watch)

  • IT Support: Shirley Márquez Dúlcey
    • Assistant Area Head:
    • Civet Solutions Liaison:
    • CM Support: [18]
    • Computer/Printer Wrangler:
  • Logistics: Dan Noé
    • Assistant Area Head:
    • Dock Master:
    • Load-out Manager:
    • NESFA Logistics:
    • Logistics Staff:
  • Ops Desk: [19]
  • Sign Shop: Christopher Hatton
    • Sign Shop Staff: Catelyn Johnson, Jack Luckner
  • Radio Wrangler:
  • First Aid: Sue Thompson
    • First Aid Staff:
  • Incident Response Team: Padraic Gribbons
    • Assistant Area Head:
    • Dispatcher:
  • The Watch (formerly Security): Chris Flynn, Joe Mogel
    • Team Leaders:
    • Shift Coordinators:
    • Watch Staff: Adam, Sabrina Barandiaran, Bobby, Ed, Elias, Hunter, Jasper Bliss, John, Linnie, Mendoza, Mila, Nick, Nik, Olivia, Pirk, Sam, Samuel, Sarah, Spencer, Jason Tan, Vampira, Zelda


Division Head: Kris "Nchanter" Snyder
Assistant Division Heads: Adam Lipkin, Mike Sprague

  • Programming Staff (Pre-Con): Wendee Abramo, Jackie Kamlot, Daniel Miller, Jennifer Old-d'Entremont, Mink Rose
    • Panelist Outreach: Rachel Silber
  • Diversity Coordinator:
  • Track Managers:
    • Anime: Colin Janson & Zachary Clemente
    • Art & Maker: Aaron Heuckroth
      • Assistant: Kevin Osborn
    • Comics: Donna Martinez & Zachary Clemente
      • Assistant:
    • Communities: Summer Plum
    • Costuming: Milo Martinez
    • Fan Interest: Jesi Lipp
    • Gaming: Justin du Coeur
    • Literature: Erik Amundsen
      • Assistant: Sarah Lynn Weintraub
    • Media: Dan Toland
    • Meetups: [20]
    • Music: Jeremy H. Kessler
      • Assistant: Angela Kessler
    • Science: David G Shaw
      • Assistant: Mark Amidon
    • Workshops: Inanna Arthen
    • Writing: Anna Erishkigal
  • Program Nexus Manager: Shana Fuqua
    • Nexus Staff:


Division Head: Anna Bradley
Assistant Division Heads: Kelly Fabijanic & Melia Beetham

  • At-Con Tech Lead:
  • Comps Boss: Tamar Amidon
  • At-Con Staff: Pam Burr, Josh Burson, Heather Cougar, Jenne Foronjy, Jennifer Fitzsimmons Gauger, Beth Goldman, Kathy Grider, Brooks Harrelson, Lenore Jean Jones, Kevin Kennedy, Jamie Leibrandt, Felicia Livingston, Jenny Mabee, Skye Souter, Eve Stein, Mary Stock, Joanna Weston, Carolyn Wilk
  • Civet Liaison: Jordan Cooper

Staff Services

Co-Division Heads: B. Diane Martin & Terry Holt
Staff Services Consultant: Mike Sprague

Technical Services

Division Head/Technical Director: Rick Kovalcik

Assistant Division Head/Assistant Technical Director: Kristin Seibert

Assistant Tech Directors (At-Con): BDan Fairchild and Angela "Gela" Morley

Youth Services

Division Head: Nicole Robinson
Assistant Division Head: Jaelen Hartwin